When meditation should be done?

When meditation should be done?

Anybody who is a beginner in meditation journey has many questions about meditation. Some of the questions about meditations are about the timing and place of meditation, When meditation should be done? When is the best time of day to meditate? Is there an ideal time for practice? Should you meditate before or after your workout? Meditate morning or night? 

Answer these basic questions about meditation is very crucial for relishing the benefits of meditation in a short time. When meditation is done with proper training, it has the power to bring magical transformation in your life.

Meditation can change your life if it is done with the regularity of time, place and practice. Regularity conditions the mind to slow down its activities with a minimum of delay. And when meditation is mastered the mind is calm and doesn’t jump around like a monkey. But to achieve this stage, we need to know, when meditation should be done?

The most effective times for effective meditation are dawn and dusk when the atmosphere is charged with special spiritual force. Best time to meditate is Brahamamuhurta (the hours between four and six a.m.) Meditation is done at this time surely help to reduce anxiety and to relax. During this time of the day after sleep, it’s very quiet and the mind is clear and not cluttered with different thoughts by the activities of the day. Also during this time of the day due to freshness and goodness in the atmosphere, we can do meditation without falling asleep.

During Brahamamuhurta, the mind is refreshed and free of worldly concerns, it can be moulded more easily, the concentration will come without much effort. 

If it is not practical for you to do meditation at this time, you can choose an hour at a time in the day when you are not involved with daily activities and the mind is apt to be calm. Motivate yourself, write down on walls of your room, when meditation is mastered the mind is peaceful and becomes your real friend. Also, remember that everything has a price in life and regularity is the price you need to pay for meditation to reduce your anxiety and get better sleep.

Try to have a separate room for meditation. If this is impossible, screen off a portion of a room, do not allow others to enter it. The area should be used only for meditation and should be kept free from other vibrations and associations. Incense should be burned morning and evening. The focal point of the room should be a picture or image of the chosen deity or inspirational figure, with meditation mat placed before it, As meditation is repeated, the powerful vibration set up will be lodged in the room. In six months the peace and purity of the atmosphere will be felt, it will have a magnetic aura, In times of stress, you can sit in the room, do a repetition of Mantra for half an hour, and experience comfort and relief. 

When sitting, face north or east to take advantage of favourable magnetic vibrations. Sit in a comfortable steady posture, with spine and neck held erect but not tense. This helps to steady the mind and encourages concentration. The psychic current must b table to travel unimpeded from the bee of the spine to top of the head. It is not necessary to place the legs in padmasana, the classic lotus posture. Any comfortable crosslegged posture provided a firm use for the body. It makes a triangular path for the flow of energy, which must be contained rather than dispersed in all directions. Metabolism, brain waves and breathing will slow down as concentration deepens.

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