Meditation For Beginners

Meditation is an experience which can be experienced gradually as we progress from basics. Practice to connect with your breath in this very basic meditation.

Learn Yogic Breathing And Breath Observation with me.... 

Meditation Practice for Bringing Happiness

Practice this 12 minute short meditation for bringing peace and happiness in your heart and to all living entities through mindfulness. The only thing we need is, acceptance, learning to live in the present and loving ourselves for what we are.

Meditation Benefits All Personality Layers.

According to the Yoga and Meditation philosophy, we have five koshas or layers in our personality. All the problems in life are because of impurities in these layers – koshas. 

When we practice meditation regularly, we can purify all these layers, Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Vijnanamaya Kosha and Anandamaya Kosha. We can also call these five koshas as food body, energy body, mental and emotional body, intellectual body and spiritual body. 

Mind & Meditation

Meditation is an experience and can not be elaborated like colours cannot be described to a blind person. It is a state of consciousness in which all mental waves are stilled. In meditation, there is constant observation of the mind. The challenge in life and dealing with the mind is to gain control of the internal world.

The mind is constantly conversing with itself, replaying past events, rearranging them into a better drama, planning for the future, discussing the pros and cons of this and that.

How Do I Stop Comparing Myself To Others?

When we compare ourselves with others, we feel insecure and struggle in life to grow. The self-doubt questions start seeping in: 

Am I good enough? 

Why can’t I do this or have that? 

Am I ever going to achieve the things others seem to achieve so easily? 

We see our friends getting married, and we can’t help but think about why we haven’t settled down yet. 

Reiki Or Access Bars Healing

Many people have this question, Reiki or Access Bars? So let’s disucss in brief, What is the difference between Reiki and Access Bars Healing?

Reiki healing is an amazing modality and offers wonderful tools to work with at the same time to be a Reiki healer, we need attunements and a higher level of consciousness is expected but to be an Access Bars Healer, you have to just learn to run someone’s Bars.

Obstacles On Path Of Yoga.

What happens if we remove the battery from the battery operated toy? The toy doesn’t work because its source of energy has been removed. Similarly, enthusiasm is the source of energy to act in this world for a special goal. Without enthusiasm, one cannot be successful in any field of activity. A student, a businessman, an artist or anyone else who wants to achieve his goal must be enthusiastic. That special goal on the path of yoga is the attainment of stillness of our thoughts and experiencing the real bliss of atman. Sustained enthusiasm is the key to success on this path. Many practitioners start with a lot of enthusiasm but later find it difficult to pursue the goal of yoga.

Access Bars Healing For Anxiety And Depression

Access Bars Healing can bring a magical shift in your mindset because it discharges the patterns and belief system which are creating too much anxiety and fear in our lives. When one is in anxiety, one can not function to one’s fullest potential and keep falling into the stress of low self-esteem and losing confidence in oneself. 

The World Health Organization estimates that 450 million people worldwide live with mental illness of some sort. And this count is increasing day by day because of uncertainties in relationships and career.

Change Your Mental Patterns

If you really want to become the driver of your life then you need to increase the awareness of your mental patterns. If you want to develop new thinking you need to first become aware of your old mental patterns. So start catching yourself first, whenever you say, he hurt my feelings, catch yourself. 

We have developed mental patterns, where we try to identify the cause of our feelings outside of ourselves.

How To Deal With Negative Thoughts

When we talk about dealing with negative thoughts, first of all, we have to stop worrying about negative thoughts. Because negative thoughts are part of our normal life. The only thing which we need to understand is that negative thoughts are not of any importance.

The problem is with our untamed mind, Our untamed mind would like to make us believe that all thoughts are correct. But this is not true.

5 Life Transforming Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation techniques can increase the concentration – one-pointedness of the mind, the ability to hold the awareness of the mind on one point, one place, without wavering. There are many life-transforming benefits of meditation, some of them are shared here with you.

The problem is with our untamed mind, Our untamed mind would like to make us believe that all thoughts are correct. But this is not true.

Learn To Be Responsible For Your Feelings

By learning to be responsible for your feelings, you can learn to be happy each day and each moment of the day. Someone who takes responsibility for one’s emotions, can refuse to choose unhappiness and has the tools to manage one’s emotions. For such people, there is no nervous breakdown because they have learned the art of taking responsibility for their feelings. 

Transitioning From Passive To Active Meditation

Many people don’t know, how by meditation, one can achieve something which we all are aspiring. We all are looking for peace, happiness and bliss in life. But most of us are unable to get these basic things in life due to lack of knowledge and skills.  By learning right techniques from authorised teachers, we can bring major shifts in our life and achieve real happiness. Here in this article, we are sharing with you some very basic simple and yet very powerful insights for achieving real happiness and peace in your life by meditation.  

10 Important Steps In Meditation For Beginners

Meditation is a very scientific step by step process, if it is done with proper guidance and awareness, can bring magical transformations in our life. Meditation without guidance will not be much fruitful, so here we are sharing 10 very important steps in meditation for beginners

Fundamentals Of Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation requires thorough knowledge of the psychic body and its structure as well as great purification of physical and psychic bodies.

Kundalini Shakti is primordial, cosmic power. Premature attempts to arouse it without proper preparation can cause great damage to the aspirant’s mental, physical and psychic balance.

Meditation Poses For Deeper Meditation

Before getting into meditation, one has to learn to sit. And that’s why before meditation, asanas (poses) come into picture in Raja Yoga (8 steps Classical Yoga by Patanjali, also called Ashtanga Yoga). 

According to Patanjali, Asana means – Sthiram Sukham Asanam – comfortable and steady pose. The purpose of doing various asanas is to have a body in which we can sit comfortably and steadily for a longer period .....

When Meditation Should Be Done?

Anybody who is a beginner in meditation journey has many questions about meditation. Some of the questions about meditations are about the timing and place of meditation, When meditation should be done? When is the best time of day to meditate? Is there an ideal time for practice? Should you meditate before or after your workout? Meditate morning or night? 

Yoga And Meditation As An Alternative To Drugs

Yoga and Meditation have become very popular worldwide for its therapeutic effect, both physically and mentally. There are millions of people who are getting benefited from it. Yoga and Meditation can also be an alternative to drugs if practiced consistently and under the guidance of an expert teacher. 

Making Mind Your Best Friend By Meditation

The term “mind” is the most inclusive word, embracing all human experience, thought, perceptions, knowledge, feelings and beliefs. One of the important characteristics of the mind is, it always wanders. It keeps on jumping on different objects like a monkey keep jumping from one branch of the tree to another branch and never rest at peace.

Focus On Health For Deeper Meditation

To practice yoga and meditation, we need to avoid extremes. Extreme sensual indulgence and extreme neglect of the body, both are unfavourable for practising meditation from long term point of view. In order to remove impurities and bad impressions from the mind, a healthy body and psyche are of utmost importance

Chakras For Kundalini Meditation

To practice Kundalini Meditation, knowledge of chakras is very essential. There are six chakras along the Sushumna Nadi to the final chakra Sahasrara Chakra.

 Chakras are storage places for subtle and vital energy. Chakras are also of consciousness with specific tones of awareness and bliss.

Emotional Healing By Chakras Cleansing 

Emotional healing by chakra cleansing with crystals is the process of changing the negative stored up energies in the energy centres of our body (chakras) to positive energies with the help of energies of crystals. 

Emotional healing is about cleaning the baggage from the past which we are carrying for many many lifetimes. 

Yoga Therapy For Gas In Stomach

Yogic treatment for Gas Troubles (Flatulence) can be done by Yoga Therapy Techniques.

Yoga therapy for the digestive system is done through the practice of asana, pranayama and kriyas.