Reiki or access bars healing

Reiki or Access Bars Healing – which one is for you?

Many people have this question, Reiki or Access Bars? So let’s disucss in brief, What is the difference between Reiki and Access Bars Healing?

Reiki healing is an amazing modality and offers wonderful tools to work with at the same time to be a Reiki healer, we need attunements and a higher level of consciousness is expected but to be an Access Bars Healer, you have to just learn to run someone’s Bars.

Access Bars are 32 points on the head that relate to different areas of life, that you lightly touch… and the rest happens on its own. There’s no intention you have to have, no healing you have to do, no symbol you have to draw or activate, nothing. All you have to do is be there to ‘run their bars’. 

Once these Bars of energy (hence the name) are activated by your touch, they begin to dissipate all the electromagnetic charge that has been generated by all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and points of views that person has related to the area of the Bar you are running. What this does is create space – space to create, to know, to be, to receive, and to perceive all the infinite possibilities, choices, and change that is actually available to you.

Reiki is slower energy, to be able to notice effects you need to do it constantly every day for at least 30 days to change something unless you work with Karuna Reiki which is faster. But both don’t go into as many details when clearing an issue as we see with Access Bars Healing.

Access Bars Healing is about releasing trigger points, leftovers emotions and a defrag from programming. Reiki is creating balance through the entire body with energy.

Reiki is healing the energy but in stressful time you have to do it again and again. Access bars is clearing all your point of view,  beliefs that blocking you to live your life fully.  It’s like eradicating from the “root”.

Reiki “resets” your aura, which is great if that’s all you desire.  The Bars address the Source of what’s creating your life, your beliefs.  When you address that everything can change and with ease.

With Reiki, the recipient draws energy they require through the practitioner, whereas with bars the touch on the points allows the client to dissipate what the electromagnetic charge that is present.

Access Bars Healing is about unlocking the energies you have locked in your body so it releases. When we run the Bars we’re not putting anything into you to make things change we are letting YOU change it by unlocking where you have stuck you. The Facilitator activates the points on the head by lightly touching them and being the space that allows for change to occur. With Reiki, there is intention; with Access there is allowance.

Access Bars Healing dissipate the ELECTRO Magnetic charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations, points of views, beliefs etc that are locked in the body.  It is like nothing else.

Access Bars is also different from Reiki and other healing modalities in that it’s not about doing anything to you or anyone. It’s just about dissipating all the electromagnetic charge that prevents you and others from Being all that you truly Be.

Reiki is slow gentle healing energy and Access Bars Healing is warp speed. Access Bars Healing creates a LOT of shifting fast!

Co-founder of Access bars healing, Dr Dain said…

The Bars … take Reiki to multiply it by 10 then put it on steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO COMPARISON!

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