Identify Your Personality

A Life Changing Workshop

Upgrading Your Relationship With Yourself And Others.

Understand Your Personality And Of Others.

Understand The Secrets Of Behaviour Pattern.

Learn To Deal With Others By Understanding Their Emotional Needs.

We all are born with a particular kind of Svabhava or temperament. 

We all are having our own belief system, thought pattern, talents, emotional needs, strengths and weaknesses. There are various models in the world which explain different personality types. And sometimes it gets really complicated and confusing. 

But in this workshop of just 6 hrs, Not only you will learn about your own strengths, weaknesses and emotional needs, You will also learn about others. 

By knowing this very simple science of personalities not only you will learn how to deal with yourself but also with others. 

By the end of this workshop you will be able to amplify your strengths, you will be aware of your weaknesses. You will develop a different mindset towards yourself and others based on different emotional needs people have. 

So what are you waiting for…

Register for this life changing workshop immediately by making this most wise decision of your life. 

Our Happy Clients!

Rohit Apurva
Research Scholar at IIT Powai.
Kritika Sharma
BHMS, Mumbai
Monica Nandy