How To Deal With Negative Thoughts

When we talk about dealing with negative thoughts, first of all, we have to stop worrying about negative thoughts. Because negative thoughts are part of our normal life. The only thing which we need to understand is that negative thoughts are not of any importance.

The problem is with our untamed mind, Our untamed mind would like to make us believe that all thoughts are correct. But this is not true.

Our thoughts and perceptions are filtered through our unique belief system. And due to the wrong kind of filters, we have negative thoughts. The negativity is in the filters. If we want to heal ourselves or grow in life, We need to change these filters which means, we need to change our belief system. We don’t have to analyse our nasty, critical thoughts or worry about them. They are just thoughts. The only training we need to give to ourselves, stop listening to these negative thoughts. 

People think that “thinking positively” is the way to healing. But the quickest way to heal is to first accept that the only reason we feel bad is that we’re listening to all the rubbish which our mind is constantly telling us. Our negative thoughts come from faulty beliefs, so why not just learn to ignore them.

We need to learn to ignore the inside voice in our head, which tells us, I am not good enough, I am not worthy of love, I am not beautiful. 

Next time if you have a thought that makes you feel uneasy, 

Try this exercise with yourself. First, notice your thought and then talk to your thought.

Hello, thought!

I know you are not real, You are just a thought. 

You can stay here if you like, But I have things to do, So I am going to go ahead and do those things. 

I am headed to the kitchen to clean my kitchen and after that, you will find me in bed for a nap. And in the meantime, If you want to think a positive thought, go ahead.

Ultimately, if we want a quiet mind, we need to learn, not to judge ourselves. Learn to be okay with whatever happens, and relax. We need to learn to be okay with Negative thoughts. To be okay With a noisy mind. To be okay With interruptions and distractions. And when we are okay with whatever happens, We don’t hang on to these negative thoughts. 

In other words, we learn to let things go. We need to just change the way we see our thoughts and change the way, we deal with them. We need to become committed to this practice of letting things go and not paying attention to thoughts which are coming from our faulty filters.