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Emotional healing by chakras cleansing with crystals


Emotional healing by chakra cleansing with crystals is the process of changing the negative stored up energies in the energy centres of our body (chakras) to positive energies with the help of energies of crystals. 

Emotional healing is about cleaning the baggage from the past which we are carrying for many many lifetimes. This emotional baggage means toxic emotions like disappointments, hurts, losses, anger, frustration, hopelessness, fear and insecurity. When we hold on to them, it leads to many psychosomatic diseases, which leads to most of the modern diseases like high BP, diabetes, skin ailments, high cholesterol etc. 

With the help of various kinds of healing modalities, we can dissolve this emotional baggage. Crystals not only gently dissolve this baggage but also support positive life-affirming emotions and bring more love into our heart. 

Crystals are pressurised minerals in the womb of mother earth and do magical healing by their unique vibrations and energies. The unique vibrations of these crystals directly affect the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual layers of our personality. The crystals create the flow of good energy and help us get rid of negative energy for our physical and emotional healing. 

We don’t find any scientific support for the healing effects of these crystals still millions of people are attracted to them and have faith in their powers. If you are also curious about them, just have an open mind and find out which stone is for you. If you have even little bit experience of crystals, you had the experience of a crystal winking at you. You go to the shop and a crystal just catches your eye, this is the one for you. It doesn’t matter whether it is the biggest, prettiest or priciest. It may be a raw lump, tumbled or faceted. But it is the most potent for you personally. To get the most out of crystals, you need to find those that are truly yours. Each person has a unique energy frequency and the secret of effective crystal healing is to find the crystals that respond to you. 

Emotional healing by cleaning chakras

Chakras are the main energy points in our body, chakra means energy wheel. There are seven main chakras in our body and located all along the spine – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra. Besides these main chakras, there are many other chakras too in our body. 

Our emotional baggage is held in the chakras and subtle emotional body and this required emotional cleansing else this baggage will affect our overall wellbeing – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. 

Placing crystals on chakras for 5 to 15 minutes will dissipate negative emotions and will arise positive emotions. 

We need to do this for a few days to dissipates all stuck up negative emotions from this energy wheel of our body. Once emotional cleansing starts happening, we will start experiencing joy and happiness once again in our life. 

Let’s discuss a few examples of emotional cleansing of our chakras with the help of crystals. 

Dissolving past life emotional baggage. 

Past life chakras are located around bony ridge behind the ears. Three fingers width behind your ears and continuing down to the hollow in the back of your skull lie the past life chakras. 

The traumatic events from the past are held here. When we have imbalances in these past life chakras, we are stuck in the past and just can not move forward in life. Moving on and choosing from infinite possibilities seems impossible as we stop our receiving. We keep living our life based on previous life patterns, behaviour and belief system which we have picked up from our family and surroundings. People and events from past keep controlling you. Many people just keep living in many kinds of unknown fears and can not make strong decisions in life. 

By stimulating these chakras, we can dissolve all these stored and stuck up traumatic experiences from the past and choose to live a new life. 

Place Dumortierite crystal (for openness) and Sodalite (for getting rid of fear and develop trust) at the past life chakras. 

When we do Access Bars Healing, then also we do the same thing by dissolving all the stored point of views, but in much easier and powerful way. 

Cleaning Inferiority complex and too much emotional dependency. 

Our solar plexus chakra is located slightly above the waist in the region of naval. This is a seat of will power, self-esteem, digestive power and vitality. When it gets disturbed and we have blockages in this chakra, we start absorbing other people’s feelings and problems or being overwhelmed by our own emotions. Emotional hooks from other people are also found here. 

Some of the common diseases which person may face due this are eating disorders, different kinds of phobias, anxiety, depression, fear, digestive issues, skin diseases insomnia, stomach ulcers and adrenaline imbalance. 

By cleaning solar plexus, one can gain emotional stability and in turn, many diseases which are just effect of emotional imbalance can be cured too. 

Place Malachite crystal on solar plexus for empathy and dealing with an inferiority complex. 

Place Cat’s eye for self-confidence at Sacral chakra (in the region of lower abdomen).

Dealing with possessiveness and lack of compassion. 

Our heart chakra is located just around the heart region and it is the area of love, compassion and nurturing. When this chakra is blocked, one finds difficult to give and receive love and one feels very low, sad, envious by seeing others happy. 

Due to this some of the diseases which can manifest, asthma, frozen shoulder, ulcers, chest infections and even heart attack. 

Place Rose Quartz (for compassion, self-love and self-confidence) and Danburite(unconditional love) on the heart chakra and you will get rid of possessiveness and jealousy. 

Also, Place Covellite for joy at Crown chakra (top of head).

Some other powerful crystals and their healing powers. 

Smoky quartz 

It stabilises emotions during emotional trauma or stress and dissolves negative emotions. It relieves fear and induces emotional calmness. 

It is very good for balancing emotional highs and lows, and when used regularly it gently dissolves emotional baggage. It has a third eye chakra connection. It is very good for intuition, meditation and encourages tranquillity and stability. 


It dissolves self-doubt and a negative self-image. Helps you to love yourself by healing old emotional hurts and self-destructive beliefs. 

Jasper (supreme nurturer), it is a smooth crystal to protect us from negative vibes while promoting courage, quick thinking, and confidence.


An intensely protective stone, obsidian is said to help form a shield against physical and emotional negativity. It’s also said to help get rid of emotional blockage and promote qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion to help find your true sense of self.

Tiger’s eye

This golden stone is for a motivation boost. It will help you to rid your mind and body of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. This can be beneficial for career aspirations, harmony and to make clear conscious decisions.


It is to encourage inner growth and strength and also for new beginnings in life. It can help you to rid of uneasy feelings of stress and instability when starting something new and want to move forward successfully. It will create positive thinking. 


This blue stone is one of wisdom and royalty. It’s said it can attract prosperity, happiness, and peace while opening up the mind to accept beauty and intuition. It also helps in easing depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


A red standout, this stone helps restore vitality and energy levels. This can help improve things such as sensuality, sex, and intellect.


It can unclutter the blocked creativity. This attractive orange coloured crystal ignites the drive to move forward in life and achieve desired goals.


It is believed to be the oldest healing crystal known to mankind and has the efficacy to heal the mind and body. Also, it can also bring ‘Good luck’ in your life. 


It is the powerhouse of positivity. It radiates a large amount of positive energy and helps the owner live in the present moment without the hassle and griefs of the past memories.

Iron Pyrite

The Iron Pyrite can be used to deter any negative energy and it can also help activate your intellect and memory even more. It will boost your self-worth and will strengthen your will power with positive thinking. 


It is often used to ground and balance. It is very useful for those who are under stress and need to feel calm and centred. Any negative feeling which occurs from stress or anxiety can be cleared by this crystal. 

The practical healing process of emotional cleansing with crystals

Choose a crystal which feels right to you and hold it into in your hand, ask it to clear any issues of your life and pray to reveal it’s potencies to change your energies. 

Lie comfortably in a quiet place. 

Place a Smoky Quartz (point facing down if it has one) at your feet to absorb and dissolve the emotional baggage you release. 

Place your selected crystal over your solar plexus or other appropriate chakra and ask that it dissolves your emotional baggage and that the Smoky Quartz absorbs the remnants. 

Consciously push the energy you release down your body and out of your feet into the Smoky Quartz for transmutation. 

If you feel an unexplained ache, tugging or pain anywhere in your body, place a Smoky Quartz crystal over it and ask that it released and transmuted. Your intuition may give you a glimpse the underlying causes, but if not, just let the feeling dissolve without needing to know why it arose. 

Place Danburite, Rose Quartz, Salentie or another crystal of unconditional love over your heart to pour love into all the places where you have released your baggage, gently healing them and filling them with light and love. 

Lie quietly until you feel lighter. If you become aware of tension in any part of your body where you are holding old emotions, place the crystal over the site and allow it to dissolve the tension. 

Tell yourself that when you stand up you will have to let go of the past and moved into whatever the present holds.

Thanks to the crystal for their work and cleanse them when it is complete. 

Many illnesses are just disharmony in our body which are due to our emotional baggage due to old pains and traumas. Emotions have their own vibrations and by cleansing them with the help of crystals, emotional healing can take place. Crystals very gently transform negative emotions into positive emotions and one can feel real joy, peace and happiness in life. 

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