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Yoga Philosophy Course

To go deeper into your yoga practice, this course is must. In this most amazing and structured course, 

You will learn depth of yoga, history of yoga, different types of yoga, shad darshans and much more  from various ancient yogic texts like, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Kundalini Tantra etc…

Meditation Teacher Training

Learn to teach different Meditation Techniques by enrolling for this 50 Hours Meditation Teacher Training. 

This course will empower you in such a way that you will be able to learn from basics and experience the depth of Meditation along with the confidence to teach others.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Learn to teach Yoga Nidra along with the  Yoga Nidra Philosophy. In this course you will learn 7 stages of Yoga Nidra & designing your own Yoga Nidra sessions. 

Learn from basics and experience the depth of Yoga Nidra along with the confidence to teach others.

Identify Your Personality

In this life changing workshop of just 6 hrs, Not only you will learn about your personality type, strengths, weaknesses and emotional needs, You will also learn about others.

Meditation Teacher Training Course Online

Various Ancient And Modern Meditation Techniques From Yoga, Bhakti, Kundalini and Tantra Traditions.

Learn To Teach The Art Of Meditation from Life Coach Vivek 


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course Online

An Ancient Technique From Tantra To Release Stuck Up Energy From Your Body And Mind. 

Learn To Teach The Art Of Complete Relaxation from Life Coach Vivek 


Identify Your Personality Course Online

Yoga Philosophy Course Online

Access Bars Healing

Imagine if someone could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough or that you can’t accomplish what you dream about?

Personal Healing Session

Take personal healing session based on your issues in life.